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1 February
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My name is Courtney Talismn(Pinkham before I was adopted).I am what people call goth.They labeled me so I just agree to it. I'm tomboyish because I wear boy clothes sometimes.I am bi and proud of it.I can be somewhat naive and gullible.But don't get cocky about it or your dead.My nicknames are Freak,Lil Miss Neko-Chan,Court-Court(only by my bubbys and sissys),and Kieato.I have dark brown hair(soon to be black hair)and gray eyes. I wear black angular glasses and alot of black clothes.I love anime and mangas.I currently live in Oklahoma but will be living in Japan in a few years with my bubbys and sissys.I have a few crushes such as Chris Kadow(new kid at school),Stimpson Snee(a guy I met in Spokane Washington),and Andy(a guy I met from the internet that lives in London).That's about it...and my bubby is on here he is tir_nikala.So yeah...bye.
any sharp objects, blood, chains, chaos, kaoci, leather, neko-jin, nik, video games., vinyll clothes