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Posted on 2005.09.28 at 10:11
Current Mood: pissed offGRR!
Current Music: Chemical Romance "Helena
Days after the homecomeing dance...I cried a bit so yeah.I'm in History Class now...we get to use the computers and I'm doing this!^^ Hey I have an A in the class people so watch it. I have my rights to do this. And John keeps writing Nazi's on here!ARGH!But anyways.I am currently dating a physco guy. Probably end soon...My bubby said if the guy broke my heart then he would break the guy's neck.Lol.But yeah so that's about it for now...But I'm mad cuz bubby's keeping a secret from me.WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!...oh well...that's life.

Torture man!

Posted on 2005.09.10 at 22:23
Current Mood: moodymoody as hell
Current Music: "Photograph" Nickelback
Well...not much to say except I'm not dating the physco guy...it lasted around maybe 2 days? Oh and I went to the doctor and apparently I have a tear in my groin...But I get to use the elevator! WHOO!^O^ But still...and then Mom left...dun know when or even IF she's coming back.So I'm left home alone with my smoking drinking dad...yay me huh?...We constantly snap at eachother so it won't be good.But I think I can last...I think...Oh yeah and Chris at my school had awesome fluffy curly hair...NOW HE HAS A CURLY MOHAWK! >________________________< NOT COOL MAN!NOT COOL! But yeah...hopefully I won't die soon...god I hope not...
AND I HATE THIS LAP TOP! I WANT MY COMPUTER BACK!!!!! >______________________< Oh and the medicine I take for my groin makes me moody as hell,sleepy, and sensitive to cold weather...which sucks cuz usually I run around half-naked in cold weather...but yeah...that's all for now...bye!


Posted on 2005.09.10 at 22:05
Current Mood: worriednervous 2
Current Music: "Untitled" Simple Plan
I'm worried and nervous at the same time.I'm going to my first high school homecoming dance.I have no date.I'm afraid I won't look good.And I dun wanna only have to dance with my crossdressing bubby!No offense Nik-Nik. But yeah I'm nervous as hell cuz the guy I like might be there and I wanna dance with him so bad.But I shouldn't get my hopes up.I'm going in my gothiest clothes.I dun think he likes goth but oh well...that's all for now bye.